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Regreening Africa Newsletter

The first issue of the newsletter for the year 2022 provides an overview of the major events of the previous year

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Reverdir l'Afrique Bulletin d'information

Le premier numéro de la lettre d'information de l'année 2022 donne un aperçu des principaux événements de l'année précédente.

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Regreening Africa Annual Report (September 2020 - August 2021)

This narrative report covers year four of the Reversing Land Degradation by Scalingup Evergreen Agriculture (Regreening Africa) project funded by the European Union (EU) from September 2017 to September 2022.

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Sustainability planning with community and local stakeholders

Sustainability planning with the community and local stakeholders is important to ensure that promoted land restoration practices continue being implemented after the Regreening Africa Programme transitions at the end of 2022. This guide offers steps on how sustainability planning process can be carried out to prepare partners for the close of the programme. 

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Kenya National Landscape Restoration Virtual Conference summarized report

Kenya National Landscape Restoration Virtual Conference summarized report, which includes the main outcomes, key recommendations, and the action plans. 

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Eight steps for developing local tree value chains

The eight steps for developing local tree value chains is a short guide with lessons on starting profitable and sustainable tree product businesses and provides practical strategies factoring value chain assessments, prioritization, support, and finance elements that need to be in mind in order to develop profitable enterprises that can be scaled.

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Restoration Monitoring Readiness in Kenya: A Rapid Assessment

The need to monitor and learn from landscape restoration initiatives prompted this rapid assessment of Restoration Monitoring Readiness in Kenya, whose aim is to take stock of the extent of landscape restoration practices and monitoring in Kenya and to draw some key lessons.

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Tree nursery management guide for land restoration planners

The tree nursery management guide for landscape restoration planners discusses information on tree nursery establishment, species propagation techniques and tips on successful plant nursery management. In addition, the guide offers insights on practices to improve tree seedling quality standards in anticipation of plant businesses that will emerge.

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Integrating Evidence for Enhanced Land Restoration Practice and Policy in Africa

To ensure advancements in remote sensing, citizen science and data analytics are mobilized and scaled effectively, innovative approaches that integrate perspectives and bridge enduring disconnects between the practice, science and policy spheres need to be developed.

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Regreening Africa: Puntland Country Information Brief

This brief highlights regreening successes, best practices, and scalable models for Puntland

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Regreening Africa: Ethiopia Information Brief

This document is a brief synthesis of best practices and opportunities for scaling-up regreening /land restoration and sustainable land management from the implementation of the European Union (EU)-funded Regreening Africa program and the experience of implementing partners.

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Regreening Africa: Ghana Information Brief

The brief highlights the projects focus on strengthening and mainstreaming community-led approaches to ensure the adoption of sustainable land management practices for improved food security and biodiversity conservation to sustain rural livelihoods and ecosystems in Ghana.

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Regreening Africa: Kenya Information Brief

The brief shares crucial lessons from implementation of the project in Kenya to target the deteriorating landscapes and the degradation and depletion of natural resources and ecosystem services, sustainable use and management of natural resources, including arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) and carbon rich ecosystems.

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Regreening Africa: Mali Information Brief

Ce document met en évidence les principales réussites en matière de reverdissement, les meilleures pratiques et les modèles évolutifs efficaces pour la restauration/le reverdissement des paysages et la gestion durable des terres (GDT) qui fonctionnent au Mali.

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Regreening Africa: Niger Information Brief

Ce document vise à fournir une brève synthèse des meilleures pratiques et des possibilités de mise à l’échelle du reverdissement, de la restauration des terres et de la gestion durable des terres, tirées de la mise en oeuvre du programme Reverdir l’Afrique et de l’expérience des partenaires de mise en oeuvre au Niger.

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Regreening Africa: Rwanda Information Brief

The brief highlights the best regreening practices and scalable models for Rwanda and building on successes of existing restoration programs providing a solid base for nationwide scale up.

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Regreening Africa: Senegal Information Brief

Mise a l’echelle des meilleures pratiques, opportunites et goulots d’etranglement du projet ‘reverdissement de l’afrique‘

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Regreening Africa: Somaliland Information Brief

This brief highlights regreening successes, best practices, and scalable models for Somaliland

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Joint Reflective Learning Missions (JRLM) Report 2020

The Joint Reflective Learning Missions (JRLMs) provided the opportunity to jointly query and learn from one another’s evidence and experience, build upon project momentum and consider revised implementation approaches and focus.

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Regreening Africa Annual Report (August 2019 - September 2020)

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Ten golden rules for reforestation to optimize carbon sequestration, biodiversity recovery and livelihood benefits

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Who Wants to Farm? Answers Depend on How You Ask: A Case Study on Youth Aspirations in Kenya

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Restoring African Drylands

Dryland degradation can be reversed, recreating more resilient and productive landscapes that will fix more carbon especially in the soil, restore ecosystem services, promote new viable enterprises and create employment, while reducing conflicts and migration. And together, these will increase the opportunities to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and the targets of the Rio Conventions on desertification, climate change and biodiversity.

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Opportunities and Constraints for Using Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration for Land Restoration in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Regreening Africa: A bottom-up transformation of degraded lands

To guarantee successful and sustainable land restoration and sustainable development, it is important to recognise farmers’ roles, and to co-design approaches that take their concerns into consideration, especially their time and labour.

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Drivers of farmer‑managed natural regeneration in the Sahel. Lessons for restoration

This scientific report assesses how human impact, land degradation and dispersal limitation affect structural and functional properties of regeneration across 316 plots in agroforestry parklands of Ghana and Burkina Faso.

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Regreening Africa: Consolidated Baseline Survey Report

This report is unique, innovative, and informative: presenting a rounded picture of how things stand at the starting point of the project, as can be expected from any baseline study. But it goes further, because it is also an expression of soaring ambition – to deliver on multiple, meaningful objectives simultaneously. In this it is unique.

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Seedling Survival Count Guideline

The objective of this guideline is to support field staff and local partners in Ethiopia with technical methods of boosting seedling survival count and influence decisions on the way forward.

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Regreening Africa Inception Planning Document

The inception planning document highlights a participatory action plan , draft guidelines for scaling methods and adoption criteria for the Regreening Africa Programme.

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Forest Fire Management Guideline

Wild fires are common in Ethiopia and this guideline provides the technical know-how on detecting and mitigating the fires to preserve restoration efforts by the project

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Regreening Kenya Newsletter

This first newsletter shares insights on achievements two years into implementation

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Regreening Africa: an initiative that puts farmers first in Rwanda

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Regreening Ghana Newsletter

This first newsletter shared insights on the achievements after two years of implementation in Bawku West, Garu Tempane and Mion Districts

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Global Landscape Forum Bulletin

This bulletin shares highlights from the GLF session dubbed 'Soils as Keystone for Food Security and Ecosystem Restoration'

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Comprendre la Régénération Naturelle Assistée (RNA) et prendre la décision de lA pratiquer

Cette brochure pour les participants a été développée en réponse à la demande de formation sur la FMNR de la part des producteurs principaux du cercle de Koutiala, au Mali. 

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Understanding Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR)

This participants' booklet was developed in response to the demand for training on FMNR from lead producers in Koutiala cercle, in Mali. 

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Reverdir l'Afrique Bulletin d'information

Le troisième numéro met en lumière les efforts, les succès et les défis actuels des projets de restauration des terres dégradées en Éthiopie, au Ghana, au Kenya, au Mali, au Niger, au Rwanda, au Sénégal et en Somalie.

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Regreening Africa Newsletter - Issue 3

The third issue highlights the projects' current efforts, successes and challenges in restoring degraded lands in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal and Somalia.

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Nested Communities of Practice

Drawing insights from East Africa and the Sahel, this brief defines and describes the Nested Communities of Practice (CoPs) approach and how it can be implemented to scale land restoration across the drylands.

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Gender and Land Restoration: Considerations for Scaling

This brief describes implementation work under an ICRAF led project “Restoration of degraded land for food security and poverty reduction in East Africa and the Sahel: taking successes in land restoration to scale”.

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Regreening Senegal Newsletter _ French

Ce premier bulletin d'information vous informe des réalisations après deux ans de mise en œuvre, ainsi que des bribes du premier trimestre de la troisième année.

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Regreening Senegal Newsletter _English

This first newsletter shares insights on the achievements after two years of implementation, as well as snippets from the first quarter of year three.

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Economics of Land Degradation - Rwanda Synthesis Report

Sharing insights from capacity building on the economics of land degradation in Rwanda

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Economics of Land Degradation Policy Brief - Senegal

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Economics of Land Degradation - Senegal Synthesis Report

Investing in sustainable land management in Senegal to mitigate conflicts of use

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Economics of Land Degradation Policy Brief - Ghana

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Economics of Land Degradation - Ghana Synthesis Report

This study highlights an Economics of Land Degradation study specifically on FMNR in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

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Réussir la plantation des arbres au Sahel - Manuel a l’usage des formateurs et des producteurs

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Manuel pour le greffage in situ

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Mango Growing Booklet

Establishing healthy and productive fruit trees requires planning and preparation to achieve the desired results.

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Mango Grafting Booklet

Given the many mango varieties available, farmers have good opportunities to graft desired varieties with great market and domestic consumption potential.

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Regreening Africa Quarterly Newsletter

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The improved fireplace, a solution for optimising the use of firewood in Zarmaganda

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Lead Foundation 2019 Newsletter

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Regreening Africa: Mali News

Project staff in Mali conducted several trainings on value chains, tree nursery establishment & management, FMNR, water & soil conservation, between Aug 2018 - Sept 2019. Results? 41,375 hectares regreened & 20,878 households adopting regreening practices. Read about it in their first issue.

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Restoration of degraded land for food security and poverty reduction in East Africa and the Sahel

Addressing land degradation to achieve food and nutrition security

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Land Degradation and Surveillance Framework Report - Rwanda

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Regreening Africa Quarterly Newsletter_Issue 2

The last quarter of the year 2019 was a time to fine-tune scientific and implementation strands, and perfect the agenda of restoring degraded ecosystems across the eight countries where the Regreening Africa project is ongoing. Read more about it.

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The Regreening Africa App User Guidelines (French)

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The Regreening Africa App User Guidelines (English)

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Regreening Annual Report (August 2018 - September 2019)

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Regreening Ethiopia News

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Land Degradation Dynamics Brief

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Guide to FMNR - French

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Regreening Africa Fiche

Restoring ecosystems in 8 countries and improving the resilience of 500,000 households across sub-Saharan Africa.

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Déficits politiques et opportunités de développement de l’agroforesterie à grande échelle en Afrique subsaharienne: Recommandations issues d’une revue des politiques et pratiques récentes

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Policy Gaps and Opportunities for Scaling Agroforestry in sub-Saharan Africa

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Regreening Africa Communications Strategy

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Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration

A user’s guide for practitioners in Uganda

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Regreening Africa - Niger News I

Bulletin interne d’Information et de Partage Regreening Africa Niger N˚I

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Regreening Africa - Niger News III

Bulletin interne d'information et de Partage Regreening Africa Niger N˚III

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Regreening Africa - Project Flyer (English)

Reversing Land Degradation in Africa by Scaling-up Evergreen Agriculture.

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Regreening Africa - Project Flyer (French)

Inverser la tendance de la dégradation des terres en Afrique en intensifiant l’agriculture pérenne.

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Regreening Africa - Niger News

Bulletin interne d’Information et de Partage Regreening Africa Niger – April 2019.

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Regreening Africa - Project Annual Technical Report 2017-2018

This first annual report covers the period 3rd September 2017 to 4th September 2018.

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Regreening Africa - Project Proposal

Improve livelihoods, food security and resilience to climate change by smallholder farmers in Africa and restore ecosystem services, particularly through evergreen agriculture.

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Second Steering Committee Meeting Report

Report by May Muthuri, Susan Chomba, Winnie Achieng, Gilberte Koffi, Sammy Carsan, Jonathan Muriuki and Tadele Malefia.

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Regreening Ethiopia With Trees

Implemented by Catholic Relief Service in collaboration with World Vision Ethiopia, Ethiopian Catholic Church – Social and Development Coordinating Office (ECC-SDCO) of Adigrat, Mekelle and Meki branches.

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Regreening Ghana With Trees

The Regreening program is building on lessons from the IFAD-funded West Africa Forest Farm Interface (WAFFI) project, which aims to improve the income and food security of rural smallholder farmers.

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Regreening Kenya With Trees

Regreening Africa with trees in Kenya aims to reverse land degradation through trees on 150,000 hectares of land and contribute to food security for some 50,000 households by 2022.

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Regreening Rwanda With Trees

The program will use a range of approaches to share messages on evergreen agriculture, including Umuganda (community works) and the media, particular local radios.

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Regreening Mali With Trees

Inverser la dégradation des terres en Mali par la mise à l’échelle d’une agriculture avec une couverture permanente du sol.

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Regreening Senegal With Trees

Inverser la dégradation des terres en Senegal par la mise à l’échelle d’une agriculture avec une couverture permanente du sol.

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Regreening Niger With Trees

Inverser la dégradation des terres en Niger par la mise à l’échelle d’une agriculture avec une couverture permanente du sol.

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Gliricidia sepium Fact Sheet

This fact sheet explores the benefits of Gliricidia as well as suitable management practices of the same.

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Joint Reflective and Learning Missions (JRLM) Synthesis Report

The joint reflection and learning missions were designed to create an innovative monitoring, reflection and learning opportunity between implementing NGOs, ICRAF scientists and partners engaged in oversight at the national level.

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