The inclusion of youth and women in restoration has been widely recognized as critical to the restoration movement, consequently widespread calls for all actors in the restoration space to ensure their engagement/involvement. This webinar will therefore focus on showcasing models and approaches for their inclusion. It will go a step further to explore how children can also be included as a means of contributing to raising the next generation of restoration champions. It will also seek to address some challenges to their inclusion specifically inadequate awareness, education, and capacity to engage in restoration.


  • To showcase the work of the youth and women inclusion in restoration action group and lessons learned from youth, children, and women engagement. This will involve showcasing models or approaches for youth and women’s inclusion in restoration efforts.
  • To explore opportunities for supporting the inclusion of children in restoration efforts e.g., 4K clubs, environmental clubs, wildlife clubs, etc. through influencing their curricula and capacity strengthening, etc.
  • To launch the youth and women in restoration network.
  • Launch the capacity strengthening programme for the youth, women, and faith actors involved in restoration.


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