06/15/2021 @ 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm

The 14th edition of the European Development Days on The Green Deal for a Sustainable Future

Biodiversity loss, climate change and environmental degradation are defining challenges of our generation and require more coordinated and incisive international efforts. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the interlinkages between human health and an healthy planet. The post COVID recovery should be an opportunity to build back greener and more inclusive societies and economies.

In this respect, the European Development Days will provide a decisive moment for analysis and reflection on the road to the CBD COP15 in Kunming and the Glasgow COP26 in November 2021.

The European Green Deal is EU’s roadmap for a green and inclusive transition to help improve people’s well-being and secure a healthy planet for generations to come. The Green Deal goes beyond EU borders and commits the EU to engage with its partners to support the global transition. Together we can make a difference. Moving to a green and climate neutral economy and protecting biodiversity concerns us all – from citizens to governments across the world.

Event website: https://eudevdays.eu



TV Studio 4 | 15 June |13:00to 13:45 

Rural transformation and food systems theme

Regreening Africa: restoring degraded lands for people and nature

Showcasing innovative tools and approaches for successful restoration on the ground

This session brings together key stakeholders to discuss practical steps to implement land restoration with examples from the EU-funded project, Regreening Africa, operating in 8 countries in the Sahel and East Africa. As the UN declared 2021-2030 the ‘decade of ecosystem restoration’, practical examples of where restoration is happening is urgently needed. The session will discuss key approaches such selecting locally relevant options to suit agro-ecological niches, implementing farmer-centered approaches to encourage innovation to meet farmer needs; generating livelihood benefits; and innovative monitoring to track restoration over time. We will discuss policy barriers and how they can be overcome to scale restoration to millions of smallholder farmers and reach global.

  • Welcome, objectives and poll
    Leigh Winowiecki, Soil Systems Scientist, Leader, Land Health Decisions, World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF)
  • Land restoration in Africa: Insights from Regreening Africa, a research in development approachproject
    Mieke Bourne, Programme Manager, Regreening Africa-CIFOR-ICRAF
  • Regreening Niger, approach, achievements, and lessons Lessons on restoration in Niger
    Hamed Tchibozo, Regreening Africa Project Coordinator for Niger, World Vision
  • Links to EU Green Deal, Great Green Wall Initiative, and future investments
    Bernard Crabbe, Head of the environment mainstreaming and circular economy sector, Directorate General, European Commission, International Partnerships
  • Interactive discussion moderated by Leigh Winowiecki
  • Closing


  • Mieke BourneProgramme Manager, Regreening Africa-World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF)
  • Hamed TchibozoRegreening Africa Project Coordinator for Niger, World Vision
  • Bernard Crabbé: Head of the environment mainstreaming & circular economy sector, Directorate General
    European Commission, International Partnerships (INTPA)


Leigh Winowiecki: Soil Systems Scientist, Leader, Land Health Decisions, World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF)